Code of Practice

Mix-In Rules & Procedures

Included in membership are four club mix-in sessions: Monday 6pm-9pm, Tuesday 10am-12noon, Thursday 6pm-9pm and Saturday 11am-1pm. Free floodlight use is provided at the evening sessions. The purpose of mix-ins is to enable club players of all ability to play with, and against, one another. They should provide an opportunity to promote team spirit and to improve individuals’ tennis skills.

To ensure all players can participate, the following rules and guidelines MUST be adhered to:
1. No singles will be played, unless numbers dictate. This includes club tournament matches.

2. All four courts will be used, assuming they are fit for purpose.

3. All players will mix in and rotate across the courts.

4. Rotation will be every 20 minutes, regardless of score, i.e. no time is given for one court to finish the point or game they’re currently on. The exception is if time is called when the score is even, e.g. 2-2, 30-30; in this circumstance, one more point will be played.

5. Rotation will occur at:
6:20pm, 6:40pm, 7pm, 7:20pm, 7:40pm, 8pm, 8:20pm and 8:40pm on Monday and Thursday;
10:20am, 10:40am, 11am, 11:20am and 11:40am on Tuesday;
11:20am, 11:40am, 12noon, 12:20pm and 12:40pm on Saturday.

6. Any player waiting off will take responsibility to call ‘TIME’ at 20-minute intervals. If no player is waiting off, then one of those on court will call ‘TIME’.

7. Rotation will take place without exception, expeditiously and courteously, to maximise playing time.

8. Recommended procedure for prompt rotation is as follows: winners remain on their court and split. Losers rotate by one court in an anti-clockwise direction (as viewed from the clubhouse) and split. For reference, court 1 is directly in front of the clubhouse. Rotation order: court 1 to 2; court 2 to 4; court 4 to 3; court 3 to 1.

9. It is irrelevant the type of game or rules played on each court during the 20-minute session, i.e. normal deuce, quick deuce or points. What is important is that all players mix at the 20-minute intervals. The quicker it is decided who is playing on which court and the format of play, the better the experience for everyone.

10. In order to expedite play, it is encouraged that players remain alert to these guidelines; those waiting off should be visible and all should initiate rotation according to timings.

Any comments or thoughts on this procedure can be shared with committee members by email to:

Aynsley Clinton
Lymington Tennis Team Manager
Approved at Committee meeting 4 December 2019